Planting seeds outdoors in April can be chancy in NH
Get started in house with vermiculite or oven-roasted sand
Bill Warren

An island tour describes a sign of the times
A recent visit to Marco Island, Florida, gives a glimpse of insecurity and serenity
Bill Pappou Drew

Computer Tutorial 19: On 4 ways to backup hard disk
Also, how to undelete a file erased from hard disk
Al Harper

Good stuff, cheap, at Rye Congregational Church thrift shop
Varied, high-quality merchandise means customers have to move fast
Story and photos by Jayne de Constant

PTA helping Rye schools convert box tops into cash
Goal of $1000 for year nearly achieved; that's a lot of collecting, shaving and trimming
Elaine Webb

Elementary school journal showcases writing, art
'Talents By The Sea' is a community effort that stars the students
Elaine Webb

Endangered right whales add record number of calves
NH researcher in tiny plane tracks their slow swim south, alerts nearby ships
Dianna Schulte

White Bread, Mrs. G's Supper Pie Lobster or Crab and The next best thing to Robert Redford
Marion Dunn, Bill Drew and Judy Palm

Thom Hindle and his Camera Collection
Uncommon examples and confessions of a collector.
Jim Cerny, story and photographs