• The ABCs of Rye Reflections
    Independent monthly website is part of citizen-journalism movement
  • Present Participants

  • Gail Beamer
    Music teacher in Marlborough finds harmony as beachcomber in Rye
  • Jim Cerny
    Wayward geographer and enthusiastic digital photographer...
  • Jayne de Constant
    A loyal vacationer for 40-plus years becomes permanent
  • Bill (Pappou) Drew
    Founded company, is genealogist, essayist and activist in New Castle
  • Jack Driscoll
    From Globe to MIT Media Lab with lots of Rye in between...
  • Bob Dunn
    From bellhop to two service tours to soft serve to ski slope, clinics and writing...
  • Marion Dunn
    From the friendly skies to unfriendly skis to antique-shop management...
  • Ellen Morton Hamil
    From Vientiane & West Berlin to N.Y.C. & Boston, but Taos & Rye win out
  • Al Harper
    Actuarial science and computer technology blended together...
  • Hank McFarland
    From fateful double date to auto dealership to bringing up family...
  • Harold Moldoff
    Retail executive becomes consumer advocate, SCORE volunteer
  • Judy Palm
    Teaching, children, a coaching husband , grandchildren and travel make for a full life
  • Ken Palm
    Former special needs instructor...teacher/coach for 36 years...golfer, traveler, babysitter
  • M.E. Tuthill
    It all began with childhood visits in summer...
  • Judy Underwood
    Has traveled to 50 states and abroad, always with camera at the ready
  • Bill Veazey
    From upkeep of 200-year-old home to housing/land use activism to Dominican Republic side trips...
  • Norm Walker
    Longtime English/poetry teacher and football coach; father of nine
  • Past Participants

  • Margaret Carroll
    From teaching to volunteering with a little golf and travel thrown in...
  • Bob La Flamme
    After working in L.A. and gaining exposure to TV script writing, he returns to the town of his dreams
  • Polly Morton
    Born Nov. 25, 1908, Died May 8, 2008
  • Earl A. Rinker III
    An eclectic journey from Vermont to Manchester to Seacoast...
  • Frederick H. Walter
    Born November, 24 1917, died August 19, 2005
  • Bill Warren
    Blended by living in many places while calling the seacoast of New Hampshire home